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Unpaid Care Works of Women


BISR has recently conducted a study on Unpaid Care Works of Women in four districts of Bangladesh. The study explored that the provision of care is considered as a social good and traditionally women perform the majority of the care activities. In all the four study areas both the men and women agreed that women has to do a lot of care work such as preparing meal for the family members, taking care of all family members especially child and the sick persons, husband, parents-in-laws and sometimes other relatives and neighbors also, cleaning house, washing clothes, collecting water and fuel, etc. Although some women get satisfaction from these activities, yet many women are highly dissatisfied on the ground that their work are more or less ignored, never get appreciated and usually not considered as a contribution to the society since no economic value is attached to these types of works. Non-recognition of women’s these types of care work not only leads to the undervaluation of their contributions in the economy but also leads to a lower status of women as compared to men.